Battery Gadget

Battery Gadget 1.1

Never get caught with your battery drained again!

Battery Gadget reveals internal system information about the performance of the battery in your device. You can use Battery Gadget to help diagnose problems with battery performance, and to estimate how much longer you can use your device before it has to be recharged.

Battery Gadget gives you all of the following information, updated continuously:

  • Percent battery power remaining
  • Power source: plugged in or battery
  • Power graph
  • Current voltage
  • Maximum voltage ever observed
  • Critical voltage
  • Warning voltage
  • Voltage graph
  • Battery kind
  • Battery timeout
  • Last time charged
  • Total time that the device has been turned on
  • Total time that the device has been turned off
  • Total time since the last charge

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Battery Gadget


Battery Gadget 1.1